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Photoshop Fix Toolbox repairs corrupted *.PSD files of Adobe Photoshop graphic editor. This application can restore the data from all versions of Adobe Photoshop, starting from 3.x. An easy step-by-step sequence of PSD recovery allows recovering corrupted images without additional instructions. The Photoshop fix utility permits previewing recovered contents and look through the data of all layers separately. The data can be saved into a clean file of PSD format, there is no need to install Abode Photoshop on your PC.

Photoshop Fix Tool

The Photoshop fix tool also recovers layer properties. You may look through the online user guide of Photoshop file fix software or get the setup file of Photoshop file fix tool on your PC, if you believe it is easier. The Photoshop files fix program can be used on any computer in the network, please find several minutes of your time and evaluate Photoshop Fix Toolbox on your PC, it is the easiest way out if you encounter data corruption issues in Adobe Photoshop files. Please follow the directions of Photoshop data damaged fix application after the first start of Photoshop Fix Toolbox and evaluate the efficiency of Photoshop fix corrupted file.

Photoshop Data Damaged Fix

After the first start of Photoshop fix files program you may select a file of PSD format to be parsed and proceed to the analysis of Adobe Photoshop image by clicking the Next button. There are no difficulties during the usage of Photoshop damage to fix utility, please follow the guidelines of Photoshop Fix Toolbox and you can successfully restore your data back. The Photoshop fix program is much easier than you may think, the recovery of PSD files looks like the decompression of zip archives.

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Photoshop file fix software

Photoshop file fix tool
Photoshop files fix

Note: Our software development team has invested a lot of time and efforts into making it a remarkably efficient product and we have no intention to distribute it as a free tool. Keep in mind it is not GNU General Public License (GPL), freeware or open source so the users of Photoshop Fix Toolbox should donate to remove all restrictions of free version and start rebuilding PSD Photoshop file. Visit website and get acquainted with the professional software team development of Photoshop Fix Toolbox and corresponding communities to stand against various threats, occurring in PSD files.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above


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